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About Hepsoft

Hepsoft Technologies is a technology company operating since 2012, providing development services for Web, Mobile and Cloud platforms. Hepsoft has helped companies around the world to deliver world class products, services and solutions. We understand that, finding a dependable partner is like finding a unicorn. Nobody wants to make a mistake, in the quest for finding a perfect partner. Because it can cost a fortune. So we promise less and deliver more. We value your time and money. We are anchored stronlgy to our principles, which has become our second nature.

We Listen

We don’t make you build a ship, when you always wanted is a boat.We don’t make you pay for a ship and give you a boat.

We keep our promise

We keep on working, until you say "It's Awesome", not just "Ok, It's working". Our repeated customers shows the trust, we have earned, because we kept our promises.

We are passionate and motivated

We don’t do this for our livelihood. We do this because we feel we are born for this. We continuously strive to keep the team motivated. We don’t tolerate anything that de-motivates or demoralizes our team or resource. Motivated resources are the backbone of any organization.

We are qualified

Our quality depends on the expertise of our team. We are a hand-picked team of qualified and talented resources. We continuously upgrade our selves and help each other to be keeping up with the pace. We are aware that success of our company lies in the success of our clients. Quality of our client’s portfolio speaks of our quality itself.

We are reasonable

We are not expensive, we are not cheap, we are reasonable. Being reasonable is the only route to a win-win situation. If you don't win, we lose business; if we don’t win you lose support.

We are vigilant

Your sensitive and confidential data is safe with us. We give utmost care and priority to implement checks in place to make sure that the data is not tampered with or lost.

We give 100% attention

"We don’t bite off more that we can chew". We don't commit, unless we can scale and give you 100% attention. We don’t grade clients according to the account or project size.

We are transparent

Our quotes are fixed, until you decide to change the requirements or expand the features. We don’t charge, unless you change. We define transparent and clear, terms and condition, so that there are no hidden costs or legal problems.

What we do

Web Development

Applications in the web are more flexible and versatile than their desktop counterparts. Users can access all the features of an application from anywhere in the world, with the help of a browser. We architect applications for the web using proven, frontend and backend technologies.

Mobile Development

Providing information and services on mobile has evolved into an inevitable channel for marketing and sales. We have expertise in helping companies to develop mobile solutions on major mobile platforms like, iOS, Android. Our portfolio also extends to Mobile Web and Cross-Platform applications.

Cloud Development

Cloud integration has been identified as the most effective alternative to counter the increasing operational overheads and infrastructure costs. Whether it be software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS), we can help you build robust and secure application on the cloud.

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.

Steve Jobs, Co Founder Apple Inc.

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